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So you think you only have a small audience…and you freak out …

There will be times when you are on social media and no one is  “liking” your posts ….or you may have a webinar that you did and only one person joined …there may also be a time where you did a live stream and you talked to one person and your audience was not what you expected. You may have organised a training session and most have a cancelled.

If this sounds like well you are not alone….in fact everyone starts the same way. So how do you deal with these emotions of Hmmm…why isn’t reach high ? (and you have that momentary feeling of worthlessness that you are not achieving ….)

This is the thing ….Never discount a small audience.

  1. You don’t know how big this small audience will become.
  2. You have done what you set out to do and that is add value
  3. Continue to be consistent
  4. How will you grow and learn if you do not continue to help others

We have all heard that saying “Rome was not built in a day ” well it’s true!! A successful business didn’t have a customer base of thousands in the beginning, with followers coming out of everywhere. This is a slow growth that comes from adding value and serving your audience. Trust is built from these foundations where it grows.

If you have assisted only one person, that person deserves your undivided ATTENTION as if it you were helping hundreds. You are worthy of helping that small audience.

So don’t be a number cruncher and blinded by figures. Be excited and grateful that you were able to touch and change the life of even one person, and the rest will follow.



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