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Habit …we all have one  two three four five …

A Habit can be created in many ways …the mind is such a powerful tool as the mind is the one that forms the habit ..

So why this topic …

Well.. I was walking to my car the other day and generally I use this car park its dusk …but on this day it was during the day…

Now at dusk  the security guards close all outside doors so you have to enter from the inside of the car park facility. I went as usual and entered from the inside (which takes longer ) and I was walking up the stairs …then I thought …it’s not late all the doors are open. My mind had formed this habit tattily subconsciously  to do just that …How often we go on with our day without a thought …sometimes like robots.

If I was aware of what I was doing …I would have gone the faster way and been at my destination quicker.

What are your habits ? Have you formed a habit which is not serving you ?

Be open to changing one thing and form a habit that serves you better and you will produce improved results.

One small habit change can mean the world of difference…

It really is that simple.


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