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Are you scared of the big bad Wolf?

You know that feeling that you really want to do something but you are so scared …your stomach cramps up?

Yep …been there and I will continue to be there when I learn something new and want to action it. Guess what …who are you really fearing but yourself and the Big Bad Wolf that really doesn’t exist. Fear can makes you move forward or it can hold you back.

Fear exist inside of us as a protection tool to guard us ….it can also be a massive road block … a road block that keeps you from achieving what you know you can. This may very well be achieving success  in your biz, your personal goals or your relationships.The longer you take time to action something the more you fear it and the greater it becomes…that’s just how it goes.

However, if you say to yourself what is the worst thing that can happen? Really there are only 2 ways it can go

  1. You don’t get the desired outcome and you  learn and guess what you realize it wasn’t that bad after all.
  2. You succeed and you applaud or kick yourself for procrastinating !!!

So what do you do ? Write your fears down  (I say on toilet paper  its safer )….and how you would feel if you overcome them ….then flush them down the toilet!! By golly ….it’s liberating!! So next time your fear stops you from moving forward know that you are not alone… flush them  ….and it really only 2 outcomes.

Kat x

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