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Are you looking for a network marketing tip that will help you get more prospects…

Because you’re at that point where you’ve ran out of people to talk to? But aren’t there billions in the world

You’ve pitched your products and business opportunity to all your friends and family! Till the cows come home…

…And the thought of roaming the streets talking to randoms, attending your local meet up groups,playgroups and supermarket to pitch your business to every person that has a pulse sends shivers down your spine? Those parties where you would beg your family to come so you don’t have awkward silence …


I know how you feel…I was in the exact same situation not to long ago…

I had it I was actually going to quit…That’s it I said NO More … believe it or not!

My uplines NEVER taught me this #1 skill set that I’ll share with you soon, which has allowed me to stop friends and family, to NOW having people reach out to me asking for more information about my business.

BUT prior to this, every single time I’d ask my uplines, “Can you teach me how I can find more people for my business…”

They would reply “go out …there it’s a numbers game talk to more re-hassle your friends and family….”

RIGHT!!! Now that was helpful…

Well, I don’t know about you but if I said NO to someones business opportunity AND they kept harassing me …would you be happy ? sure…

They say model those that have what YOU want and YOU shall get what they have…Hmmm …I don’t know

Well… NO offence to my uplines, but the more I modelled them, the more I stayed stuck & broke… and that’s because they TOO struggled to get prospects and customers…

Now you don’t know what you don’t know !! They only did what they are taught.

And after joining many network marketing companies over the years, I THOUGHT it was the company’s fault as to why I failed.

So after seeking out help and learning from those who ARE getting results AND following their instructions…. I began getting results.

I soon realised that most network marketers don’t not know this skill…

Well… My uplines didn’t…

And I wouldn’t be surprised if yours don’t either.

But what if you could create a residual income BEFORE you even built a network marketing organization?

…and what if you could do it without actively prospecting!

Crazy as that might sound, it’s possible—if you know the #1 network marketing skill that’s available today.

Like is said, your upline (probably) can’t teach you this skill.

But you’re in luck, because I’m about to reveal exactly how it works and how you can use this tip to solve the single biggest problem most distributors face.

And it has everything to do with automating your business online to create massive leverage, passively generate leads, and spend radically less time prospecting and recruiting.

Sound good?

Learn what I learnt  (took me a while but I got there) right here

Let’s get started!

Network marketing is evolving Rapidly

So, when building your network marketing business,traditionally you’d want to go out and find people who might want to become your customers…and build a team with you

Now you’re normally taught to…

  • Firstly write a list of all your friends and family so you can approach your warm market
  • Approach your cold market and talk to any random with a heart beat that gives you the time of day
  • Buy leads and cold call them (I just never understood this one )
  • Live with awareness, start a conversation with everyone you meet (yep the Uber driver ), collect their contact information and add it to your list

Sound familiar Right?

Now, does that stuff all work?

Absolutely, but those activities are very time intensive.

But with with today’s technology and they way things just move so fast…

Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of more “modern” options that aren’t as labour and time  intensive?

Facebook and social media allows you to do just that! Connect with people in a similar way…

…without leaving the comfort of your own home!

In fact, I was blown away when I found out that a mother of 2 by the name of Julie Burke recruited 80% of her team, using Facebook.

She was able to do this within a couple of years with NOW a team of over 8,300 distributors … all while working from home.

That’s incredible!

Today…Julie focuses on ONE thing.

And that one thing, in my opinion is the #1 skill you can learn right now as a network marketer, to create incredible leverage and help you recruit more people.

What is that skill you ask?

Network Marketing Tip #1 – It’s Facebook advertising!

Now, I know that word “advertising” scares you a little and you’re probably thinking…

“Wait, I have to spend money!?”

And yes, you do have to spend money.

But here’s the thing…

Your ad budget could start at five dollars a day…

(So just don’t go to Starbucks and there’s your budget.)

…and the payoff is massive!

The way we use Facebook advertising (also called “Sponsored Posts”) is simple.

We provide value by posting videos and content that our audience is going to like.

And we teach our team members to do the same thing.

What if you could create Facebook posts designed to attract top quality prospects?

Isn’t that what you want?

Because if you want to show your ad to a top network marketer’s audience, or you want to show it to all the distributors of a particular company, you can!

And IF you just want to get customers for your company, you can do that as well…

But to attract top quality prospects, you need to know their pains or frustrations.

And from that, you create an ad that shares valuable information that will help them resolve their pains or frustrations.

You then place your ad in front of your competitors audience AND those that want what you have to offer will reach out to you….

Now you’re only speaking to those that want what you have to offer!

This is one of many network marketing tips for guaranteed success

You see how this is a totally different ball game?

As appose to chasing your dead beat family and friends… BEGGING them to buy you products or join your opportunity.

All you’ll need to do is search and add your competitors Facebook Fan Page in the interest section when you create your ad….

So for example… if you are with a health and wellness company… you can target people’s audiences like Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels or Arnold Schwarzenegger…. and the list goes on!

You can also  also show your ad to people who are interested in network marketing and target their audiences… especially people who follow  Eric Worre Robert Kiyosaki, or even Zig Ziglar. This is power of targeting the right audiences.

Keep in mind that your ad is not supposed to pitch!

It’s supposed to be value-driven.

It’s about what you can do for people and how you can solve their problems.

It doesn’t have to be complicated either

Many that share value driven blog posts and videos who are generating leads and making sales every single day… It works and can work for you as well.

Ok so how do you do this …Here goes …

This is how to prospect strangers in network marketing online and move them into your warm market.

Now There are two types of ads you can use on Facebook

These will help draw people to you every single day so you never have to prospect (if you don’t want to).

The first type is called an…An Engagement Ad


Facebook’s algorithm knows who’s more likely to engage with your post—such as liking it, commenting on it, and sharing it.

So when you “boost” a valuable piece of content, Facebook will optimize its audience for those people who are most likely to respond.

This works great when you tease (but don’t disclose) your product or opportunity.

People will often post in the comments and say…

“This sounds interesting. I’d like more information.”

They’ll even direct message you and engage in a private conversation.

This works because it’s not about you… it’s about what can you do for people.

The reason people are asking for “more information” is because they believe you can help them solve their problem.

From this, you can lead them to a Zoom or Skype call… or even get them on the phone and see if they qualify for your products, services or business opportunity.

I know people who speak with over a dozen such prospects a day using this strategy!

The only catch is you have to execute this tactic correctly (otherwise you’ll end up repelling the very prospects you were wanting to attract).

Learn more on how to do it properly do the free boot camp right here…

The best part is that if you do this correctly, people aren’t even clicking to read the blog post, instead they’ll comment saying…

“Hey, I’d like to just talk to you about this and see it’s a fit for me.”

Now, what more valuable skill can you learn in network marketing and direct selling than the ability to passively attract people to you and your opportunity?

Taking this a step further, the second type of ad you can run on Facebook is the…

Messaging ads which includes a special call to action function, that directs people straight to a private message with you.

It’s similar to the engagement type of ad described above, but it cuts out the “middleman” of the blog post—so you don’t need a piece of content, or even a website.

And when they click on the ad using their phone it opens up the Messenger window and begins a conversation with you.

Pretty cool, right?


You can attract any audience you choose

Depending on what you’re promoting.

Basically, if somebody has a Facebook Page, you can target their audience (for example, Robert Kiyosaki’s audience).

You also want to go after the audiences of a company to see if any of the distributors want to join your team.

And the reason why they many want to join YOU is because their upline can’t help them get more prospects (just like how mine couldn’t).

You can even target according to demographics, age, gender, marital status, employment status, employer, and more.

The options are limitless!

So What happens next? Good Question.

Now that you’ve learned how to create massive leverage by attracting prospects through placing Facebook ads, do you know how to actually recruit a prospect that seeks you out?

Do you know what to say to enrol them?

Contrary to what you might have been taught, the process of enrolment can also be largely optimised and automated, so you’re not having to speak with anyone one-on-one—if you don’t want to.

Want to learn more?

Then I highly recommend signing up to this free online network marketing recruiting bootcamp.

You’ll see the exact online business building strategies I use to passively generate leads and customers with absolutely no phone calls, home parties, or hotel meetings.

So if you’re ready to get started…

Simply click here and I’ll gladly give you access to my 10-day bootcamp.

If this has helped you as it me when I got stuck right into it. Feel free to share it and leave a comment below as I would love to hear your thoughts!

Kat X

Ps I use this to Attract More into My Business  even when I am Asleep (YEP TRUE!!)

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