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OK …I get you I have been there too. But guess what it got closer to no mans land.

We waste way too much time …holding back …what if it’s not perfect …not the write colour, or no one will like it…or not enough content …whatever the case may be…or if I ask that person they will say no …this will ultimately crush your spirit from moving forward.

Quoting Marie Forleo ” Go for Progress not Perfection” . This could be a Mantra that you too can adopt every time you are feeling that you are slipping back. It so easy to do.

Keep your self in growth mode, learning and doing and evolving and improving.

Now if you are constantly chopping and changing then really it’s just you manifesting more procrastination & fear.

Let’s think about …your first sale ….your first blog post…your first live …your first meeting …your first presentation…was it “perfect” I would say nope!!  But guess what you did it right ?

So next time you stop chop and change ask  yourself …hmmm procrastinating…now that will give you no results!!

You just gotta do it ….

Kat X

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