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Are you committed ? Or you hear that word and you get that sickly feeling in your tummy?  Why? cause you know you should but for XYZ reason you just ..Don’t

Lack of Commitment will stop you from growing your biz/your personal goals to that next level. Now this good range from a variety of things to getting healthier (joining a gym), joining a Facebook group and getting involved in a challenge, getting a mentor, getting involved with a marketing team to learn to grow your team and grow your biz, the list is endless.

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Commitment… now here’s 3 reasons why you may not commit …

  1. There is no start or end so you do not commit-lack of vision
  2. Fear will stop you  – but is the worst thing that can happen right ? You either do it or you don’t …you  succeed or you don’t
  3. You do not want to be accountable ….cause you have to do more !!

Now ….Here’s 3 reasons why you should make that commitment

  1. When you make that commitment especially if you pay, you will make sure that will do it. Why?Cause you will kick yourself that have forked out all this money and not getting value from it.
  2. If you join a group you do not want to let the others down. This forces you to take action. Now you know what happens when you take action you learn and grow. Its as simple as that. Results will happen!
  3. Commitment forces you to make decisions in basically real time. You are either going to do it  and reap the growth or you aren’t and continue to just hover…. in hope that things will change.

Things do not change unless you are committed to the process allowing action to happen!

You just gotta do it ….

Kat X

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