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Have you stopped to look at how birds or other animals can teach us life lessons?

Well this week it was my turn.

Every morning  there is a pigeon that comes and sits on my dad’s window sill.

He  waits for food, he knows he will be fed. He is a clever marketer, a clever friend, and take more chances than we think.

We can learn so much from watching this bird that relates to the real world in life and business.

Checkout my theory below …

Why ?

  1.  He/she Take chances….waits to learn my dad ways, patiently. This bird is very consistent, the key to success!! Day  in day out same time and waits.
  2. This bird must have multiple streams of income …I’m sure he/she goes elsewhere!!
  3. This pigeon gives back …Now this is what I mean …He/she gives so much pleasure to my dad, as he talks to the bird and I am sure there is some communication there. It’s truly magical to watch….
  4. An Attraction Marketing genius!!!! Know how  and what to do to attract my dad to get a result …food!

Attraction Marketing …definitely, If you would like to know more click here

Life’s lessons learnt by just watching and observing

Kat X

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