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What does happen when you see $$ signs?

When you are out talking to your potential customers and all you see is a $$$ sign before you even approach them..?

Has this happened to you ?  I have been there too..and it it ain’t pretty

Check out the video below

Firstly ….

This may be a short term gain but not a Long term strategy.  You may make a sale but  9/10 out your customers  you are desperate!

Your customers will not come back!! They know ….that you are chasing the $$$

Secondly…You need to build a report, do not act all desperate!!! Why Because you will attract the same people over and over and again.

Thirdly …You need to think of your customer as a person that you are trying help …not repel.

People buy from those that they know,like and trust …It’s really that simple.

Use  Attraction Marketing ..if you are unsure check out what these leaders have to say here.

Kat x

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