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Hi … I’m Kat and welcome….

A bit about me …

Did you ever stop to think about what you wanted to do as a kid? What you wanted to “be when you grow up.” What did you do dream about ?

You know that question everyone would ask even when you were well into adulthood!!!

Always the dreamer as a 5 year old….I wanted be a dancer (nope not ballet) and I wanted to be “The Boss”

Did I achieve both ? I guess I did …learnt all types of dance (you are never old to learn) and as the “Boss” well I would rather call me a mentor ….

Life threw me  a blow where I could have easily lost my life so that was my turning point ..(we all have one )  and I decided that indeed life is too short ….. Running many successful businesses for others was time to do it on my own…

And Boy was it harder not having the proper tools or infrastructure…and sure I failed (I hate that word …I think of it as learning …)and I picked myself back up  again ….  and here I am the master of my own destiny by reaching out and asking for help ….and I have never looked back!!

Giving  me the freedom to do what I love  and that is… spend time with my family  and keep expanding my mind and helping others do the same.

Stop and reflect you will learn so much about you.

One thing I do know is …as a wise man once told me …

“The only the thing that ever stays the same is change ….”

You are never too old to learn a new craft …..your destiny is yours…

Learning is fun …sharing is even better …

It’s that simple …



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