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You can’t seem to get someone to buy your knowledge

Well you are not alone

So you have all this knowledge and you are wondering how do people pay you for it and you don’t want be a coach?

Are you ready ? No one will pay you for your knowledge yep …true fact!!! That is the truth for everyone ….Yes!! you are probably wondering what the?

The biggest mistakes that most entrepreneurs make is “how can I get that person to buy my product skill or service & my knowledge” rather than focusing on how they can give people a solution to a problem that they have. There will be time where you may just make a sale but ask yourself the question have you solved their problem, have you added value? If that is a “no” then your biz really isn’t sustainable …you do not want a money pit.

Are you really focused on your customer by offering a solution to their problem or are you thinking $$$ signs? This model works in absolutely every industry from network marketing to real estate to ordering from the local chicken shop!!

Now the market has to be willing to pay to solve the problems that your customer is experiencing.

So how do you know if this is the case?

Follow these 2 simple steps.

  1. Most often than not you don’t ask your market what is their pain or their problem …we just assume we know it …most of times we are totally off the mark. Ask what is their frustration and challenges? You can also ask them what they hoping to accomplish …what are their goals short or long term it doesn’t matter. It will give more of insight if you are indeed going to be able to serve them. Remember it’s not about you …it’s about them … When they are comfortable they will tell you more of their pain …so its ok to ask is there more ?
  2. How will your knowledge help solve their problem…

Nobody wants to buy your knowledge but what they want a solution give examples factual    ones are always the best …that way your customer can visualise how it solves their problem. Eg you have these amazing health products …but if you don’t know if they want to lose weight or become healthier then why you just go right up offer your services …big mistake!!! But if you ask their pain well you can tailor your products to their needs ….

Happier customers that have gained value will happily pay for over and over again

Why ? Cause you have solved their problem …

I hope this has helped you ….

Kat x

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