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Do you want sales on BLACK Friday or Cyber Monday then  this is what NOT to do!!

Yes.. I look hilarious on my video but you would to….with what I share below

So …it was Black Friday and all i saw on my news feeds was people promoting their specials…

It felt  like  it was 2am in the morning and I was watching a infomercial channel ….

I wounder do you buy from someone that you may be friends with but you do not really know that well and they are plastering their products and their company everywhere ?

Chances are you will  not..I know i didn’t I switched off.

What should you do? Create some curiosity !! Add value …

People buy from those that they know,like and trust  not from an 2 second post …It’s really that simple.

Use  Attraction Marketing ..if you are unsure check out what these leaders have to say here.

Kat x

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