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Do not let Time slip away …5 Hacks that will help..

It is so easy to to get so stuck that you paper shuffle. Then you wonder where has the time gone …well  its time to get get it back.Whether it is the start of the year or not you can make a  change that so here goes:

#Tip1  Make a Massive List and then Prioritise accordingly

Have you done a Brain dump? Where you just write all your to do’s in one area ? I’m sure you have …But the problem it gets so big and confusing that like a  puzzle nothing fits sometimes. Write down everything you need to for your Biz.  This is the key, you will then put them in categories for Example if you are working on your website that will be one and so forth.  Everything that is related to that that’s on your list will then go under that category. You will then prioritise according to importance. If it does not need to be done that week/month then pop the date accordingly.

The reason this exercise is so important is that it is out of your brain and it is easier to take action on. Otherwise trying to remember it all becomes just a nightmare and you really aren’t productive.

#Tip2 Schedule Schedule Schedule

Now it greats to have that list of priorities but if you do not schedule them then you are only half way to achieving them. There are so many apps these days…Google calendar (my fave) Next  for me is Pen & Paper I like to buy fun fancy planners. You can get inexpensive  ones everywhere these days.

#Tip3  De-clutter Your space

De-clutter  & Clean your work space. I know sometimes stuff gets in the way and before I know it my work space is like taking out a massive load of washing!!! I don’t know what’s there, without pulling out one by one. So take that time once a day to clean up I would suggest you do it at night as you are less productive mentally. The morning keep to just take action cleaning does not require much brain power best to use that when you really need it I say…De-cluttering frees your mind. The more often you do it the more it  becomes a habit.

#Tip4 Time Targets on everything/shut down distractions

Now this is a big one. Put time targets on everything ..Multitasking is a myth (true try doing 2 doesn’t it take longer ???) ….Do one task complete it and move on. Shut every thing else down and concentrate on that one task yep that means social media too. You will find that you will be more productive, and faster at completing a task. You will not have those shiny objects flashing at you.

Try it and see….

#Tip5 Take care of yourself

Now what do I mean about that? Make the time to look after yourself.  With a healthy comes a healthy body. So in the morning don’t have the most unhealthy meal in the world …boy have I been guilty of eating on the run. Think of your body like a car…if you put fuel into a car that you do not service eventually it will not run as effective, or better still. If you run your car on empty it will chug along and struggle…and will eventually burn out. Good food in the morning particularly fuels you for the day. Throughout the days if you sit most of the day, get up and walk for minutes, ( yep we do have 5 minutes).

Kat X

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